allow / permit sb .to do sth .允许某人做某事
allow / permit doing sth . 允许做某事。此时动词只用ing 形式。
反义词forbid 具有同样用法。
许多情况下可换用,只是词意的强弱上有差异。allow语意较弱,含有“听任”,“默许”,“不加阻止”的意思;permit 语意较强,强调“正式认可”,“批准”的意思。如:
The nurse allowed him to remain there ,though it was not permitted.护士让他留在那里,虽然这时(规定)不允许的。
amaze vt.使……惊奇= astonish, surprise
The news amazed us greatly.这条消息使我们感到很惊奇。



They were all amazed at the amazing news.  听到这个令人吃惊的消息他们感到惊讶。
(2)amazement n.
to one’s amazement令人吃惊的是
To my amazement, they have gone to Xishuangbanna.  让我奇怪的是,他们去西双版纳了。
类似短语:to one’s happiness/excitement/sadness/puzzlement    使某人高兴的/兴奋的/伤心的/迷惑的是
3、announce/ explain/ introduce/ declare
announce, explain, introduce, declare后面不接双宾语,若以人作宾语常置于to后。如:
The president announced to the workers the sad news.
The president announced the sad news to the workers.总裁向工人宣布了那不幸的消息。
He introduced the new comer to everyone here.他把新来的那个人介绍给这里的每个人。
report to sb.向某人汇报        report sth/ sb.向某人汇报/告诉。
①The teacher explained his students how to use the computer.
②No one declared us we could not smoke here.
Key:①explain后加to    ②declare后加to

1. Is _____he said really true    A. that B. what C. why D. whether
2.____the meeting should last two days or three days doesn't matter.   
A. That B. Whether C. If D. Where
3. It worried her a bit _____her hair was turning gray.   A. while B. if C. that D. for 
4. ____more countries can use natural energy in the future remains to be seen.  
A. Whether B. This C. who D. If 
5.____he will go to work in a mountain village surprises all of us.   
A. What B. That C. Whether D. If 
6. ____you don't like him is none of my business.   
A. What B. That C. Who D. How
7.____all the inventions have in common is ____they have succeeded.
A. What; what B. That; that C. what; that D. That ; what 
8. ____appeared to me that he enjoyed the food very much.   A. What B. It C. All that D. That
9. It is widely ______that smoking can cause cancer.   A. believed B. think C. say D. hoped 
0. ____caused the accident is still a complete mystery.   A. What B. That C. How D. Where
1-5 BBCAB 6-10 BCBAA